SOUTHWEST CHICKEN: Submitted by: VALERIE STOIANTSIS | Date Added: 20 Jul 2010 Ingredients:

1 - 3# Fryer Chicken

Cooking Instructions:

PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 350 deg. F.

Wash chicken inside and out.
Rub a little canola oil on the outside.
sprinkle the cavity inside with VALERIE'S SOUTHWEST SEASONING.
(by sprinkling the SOUTHWEST on the inside, the juices from the chicken allow the peppers to open and the taste to permeate through to the outside.)
Then sprinkle VALERIE'S SOUTHWEST SEASONING on the outside and rub well.
Place rack inside of roasting pan, place chicken on rack.
Put approximately 1" of water in bottom of pan.
Place pan on 2nd rack from the bottom of the oven.
When chicken browns slightly, cover with foil to finsh off the roasting.
The juices will run clear when the chicken is pricked, that is when your chicken is cooked.
Roasting time approximately 2 hours.
For added accompaniment, place potatoes around chicken and use SOUTHWEST SEASONINGS on your potatoes also.

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